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Weekly Stuff

Week 4 Entry Sheet: Not ready yet

Week 3 entries are closed.

We received 97 entries this week,
which means the pot is $388.
Scores from 14 games
(out of 16)
have been entered so far.
The current leader with a record of 14 - 1
is Papa Baer.

General Stuff

prize pot:

Week 3 Complete Data
Week 2 Complete Data
Week 1 Complete Data

2017 Hall of Fame

2 B Truff 14 3 0.824 98 $392
1 SACKing 12 4 0.750 99 $396

Payment Information

  • Players are encouraged to prepay in the first few weeks of the season.
  • At the end of the season, I'll tell you how much you owe.
  • If you want to pay by PayPal, send me a note and we'll discuss it.
  • Otherwise, payments must be by Venmo, check, or cash.
  • Once I receive money from everyone, I'll pay the winners.
  • If anyone stiffs us, it comes out of the winners' pot, not my pocket!
  • You can track how you are doing on the Accounting page.

End-of-Season Pot

  • The pot at the end of the season will be based on
    winning percentage for all the weeks you played.
  • To qualify, a nickname must have played in at least
    14 out of the 17 weeks of the season.
  • In case of a tie in winning percentages, the tiebreaker is weeks played.
    If you played more weeks, you beat someone who played fewer weeks.
  • For more details about the end-of-season pot, see the rules.


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