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Bill Gates Net Worth Page

William H. Gates III, Co-founder, Chairman, and ex-CEO of Microsoft has been rated by Forbes Magazine as the richest person in the world for the 13th consecutive year (as of October 2006).

Bill's net worth remains at such astounding levels that we decided to find a way to present it that made sense to the average reader.

Please note that we are only counting Bill's holdings of Microsoft stock, not his other vast holdings. Cannot open maxprice. No such file or directory: Cannot open /local/www/public/EVAN.SNEW.COM/bgnw/cache/input.txt

Based on Microsoft's current stock price,
Bill is worth: $0.00.
Read on for the details.

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Table of Contents

  1. How much is Bill worth right now?
  2. MSFT: Microsoft Stock
  3. Wealth Accumulation
  4. Microsoft products
  5. Born in the U.S.A.
  6. How Much Does That Mean For ME?
  7. The Sporting Life
  8. What if Bill were a Country?
  9. And What if Bill Were a Public Company?
  10. Take It to the Bank
  11. Charity Starts in Redmond, Washington
  1. Laying Dollar Bills End to End
  2. Stacking Bills
  3. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting
  4. How do we do it? Volume!
  5. Time is Money; Money is Time
  6. How Far Can You Make Your Money Go?
  7. Data Storage
  8. A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
  9. Buying Power
  10. Spending it all
  11. What Does The Money Really Mean?
  12. Other Fun Bill Gates Links You May Like
  13. Stuff We're Looking For
  14. A Non-Bill-Related Quote for the Day

  1. How much is Bill worth right now?
  2. We obviously do not have a full reckoning of everything Bill owns. But, according to the Yahoo! Insider Trades site, Bill has shares of MSFT.
    This figure reflects all trades made through , which is the most recent trade. (Thanks to Jeff Call for the pointer!)

    As of ET on , Microsoft was selling for $.

    Some simple multiplication tells us that he owns $0.00 worth of Microsoft stock. (That's $0.00.)

  3. MSFT: Microsoft Stock
  4. Microsoft has a total of 10,700,000,000 shares outstanding, worth a total of $0, which is Microsoft's market capitalization. (That's $0.)

    Bill's shares represents 0.00% of Microsoft.

    On March 13, 1986, the day Microsoft went public, according to Microsoft's Public Relations Department, Bill owned 11,142,000 shares of MSFT stock. At MSFT's IPO price of $21 per share Bill's initial fortune was worth $233,982,000 or $233.98 Million. Adjusted for splits, if Bill had not sold any stock since then, he would have 3,208,896,000 shares. Those shares would be worth $0.00 or $0 today. Thanks to Michael Noer and Julie Sullivan at Wired Magazine for their help here.

    Microsoft stock's all-time high price (adjusted for splits) is $. That means that Bill's all-time high net worth (if he hadn't sold any shares) is: $0.00 or $0. Microsoft stock is currently AT its all-time high!

    If Bill had never sold any of his MSFT stock, at his maximum price, Bill's share would be worth: $0.00 or $0.

    Microsoft went public on March 13, 1986. Its IPO price was $21/share, which, after adjustments for splits is equivalent to 7.29¢.

    Microsoft stock has split a total of 9 times, increasing the number of shares, and decreasing each share's value by a factor of 288. If MSFT stock had never split, the share price today would be $0.00. (Thanks to Michael Chauvin for the suggestion)

  5. Wealth Accumulation
  6. Upgraph

    The day Microsoft went public, Bill's fortune was worth $233,982,000 or $233.98 Million.

    In the time since March 13, 1986, Bill's Net Worth has increased by $-233,982,000.00 (that's $-233982000.00). Let's look at how much Bill has made for each of various periods of time...

    Unit of timeQuantity since
    March 13, 1986
    Dollars made during
    each of these periods
    (1.05 Billion)
    4 Seconds262,399,657.50
    (262.4 Million)
    (17.49 Million)
    (291.6 Thousand)
    (12.1 Thousand)

    Thanks to Robert Tweardy and Frank Isaacs for their information!

    Note: We give 4 seconds its own entry because that is the period of time that Brad Templeton of the Bill Gates Wealth Page says it takes to pick up found money from the ground. Brad says that this amount is not worth Bill stooping to pick up. Draw your own conclusions.

    Imagine an endless line of $1 bills laid end to end. If you began traveling along this line picking up dollar bills March 13, 1986 (the day Microsoft went public), and you wished to accumulate wealth at the same rate Bill has since that date, you would need to travel that line of bills picking them up at -0.07 MPH or -0.12 KPH.

    Since March 13, 1986, Bill has been making money at a compounded interest rate of: -100.00% per year. Compare that to the historic growth rate of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is about 11%.