Welcome to Maddie's Performance Clips

We only have 2 clips so far. Both are from her show at Spring Lake Day Camp, on August 18, 2004. (OK, it wasn't just HER show...).

Technical note: These movies are stored as Quick Time movie files. Your browser can probably handle this, but it may not be able to. If not, you'll need to visit this site and download and install the FREE player. It's a pretty simple process. If you click on the links below, and you see a large blue Q, then you have the QuickTime plug-in, you'll be good. If not, you'll get an error message from your browser that should tell you what to do to install it.

Clip #1: Castle on a Cloud

The first runs about a minute, and shows her singing "Castle on a Cloud" from the Broadway Show "Les Miserables". The movie is about 17MB in size, and so it's not a good idea to download it unless you have DSL or a cable modem. Click here to see the movie. Remember: it's big, and will take at least a couple of minutes to download.

Clip #2: Summer Lovin'

The second one runs about three and a half minutes, and is 48MB in length. It will take roughly 3 times as long to download as the first one did. In this clip, she is singing the female lead in "Summer Lovin'" from Grease. The boy who is singing with her was given the part that morning, and doesn't know all the words. And since he is the only boy in the group, the girls in the chorus sang both the girl and boy parts. Click here to see the movie. Hey... it's a camp show! And Maddie is terrific!